Private Lessons

Online Private Sessions

These are customized meeting opportunities. If you would like to deepen certain aspects of your practice, or have direct, private guidance, you can schedule a private lesson that will take place online. See the available options below.

Prices in this section are shown in Swiss Francs and will be converted in your local currency (if different and available) during checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the classes conducted?

Classes take place online using the Zoom platform.

Can I have the recording?

If you would like to have a recording of the meeting please inform the teacher. Recordings are the property of the student but may not be posted online without the written permission of the teacher.

Will my classes be visible online?

Absolutely not. Private sessions (even if they were recorded at your request) are not made public, and neither can you. They are intended for strictly personal use.

Can I postpone a booked session?

You can always reschedule an already scheduled session but we ask that you give us notice if possible at least 24 hours before the scheduled date.

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