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A Quiet Mind towards the healing of the soul

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What I will learn

Qigong and Meditation

Qigong to rebalance your energy and strengthen the immune system

Taoists do not forget the body. Indeed, it is within our physical body that we can cultivate our spiritual essence. With simple qigong exercises we make sure to keep it as “fit” as possible.

Qigong strengthens our immune system, balances our energy and teaches us to grasp the innumerable changes that involve the body, internal organs and the energy that feeds them.

Meditation to calm the mind and live better

We often think that meditating is difficult and we are led to believe that it is a complex and tiring activity.

Probably because we approached this discipline with the wrong premises. In fact, to meditate, it is not necessary to make an effort.

Meditating means giving ourselves the time necessary to allow the mind to calm down, thus restoring a greater energy balance and a greater ability to listen within us. With a few simple techniques and a little perseverance, it is therefore within everyone’s reach.

Introduction by the teacher

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If, on the other hand, during the trial period you have found what you expected and/or a practice that suits you, you can keep your subscription active and continue the practice by taking advantage of the weekly lessons and online video courses.


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