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A path toward the healing
of the soul

Qigong and meditation help balance our energy, calm the mind, and heal emotional wounds.

Your Free Content

Here below the promised free content for you. Remember that you can write at any time in case you need clarification.

Complete Lesson

In this COMPLETE and FREE lesson of over an hour you will find:

  • Short warm-up sequence to loosen up the main joints.
  • First three movements of the basic healing qi gong form (heart opening, central channel stimulation, heart/lung purification).
  • Short meditation: listen to the breath.
  • Question and answer session.

Do you want to take advantage of the weekly lessons to continue and deepen your practice?

The Video Course “Towards the Care of the Soul” is a path of study and practice to approach healing practices. Thanks to Qigong and Taoist Meditation it will allow you to start that journey of discovery and re-discovery of your deepest parts. Click the button below for more information on the course and do not hesitate to write for any clarifications. As with all courses, the Money Back Guarantee is always valid. You can then request a refund within seven days if you change your mind).

Purchase the course as a subscription or individually

With a limited investment you can opt for a private “coaching” session and/or participate in online lessons with the teacher.

Do you want to start an individual journey or confront yourself directly with the teacher without a Subscription?

If the timetables and/or practice opportunities on the calendar (student evenings on Tuesdays and free meetings on Sundays) do not represent an ideal solution for you, you can consider booking a private lesson. Click below to check availability on the calendar and to book a single session.

Private online meetings take place thanks to the Zoom platform from Monday to Friday by appointment.

Select the service and date you prefer and send your booking request.

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