A Taoist approach
towards the Care of the Soul

Qigong and Meditation to rebalance your energy and live better

A better dialogue with the deepest parts of the self

Qigong and Meditation to cultivate body, mind and spirit.

Cultivating a Quiet Mind is the first step in re-establishing a profound dialogue with our Original Spirit. A road towards the (re)discovery of ourselves and towards the rebalancing and cure of the small disharmonies accumulated in the depths of the soul.

Here on Soul Healing Practice you can take advantage of the weekly online lessons included in each subscription, dedicate yourself to studying by following a specific video course, or take advantage of the private lessons that you can book directly with the teacher. Choose the option that best suits your needs.

  • Qigong to harmonize and purify the body

  • Meditation to cultivate a peaceful mind

  • Soul Care techniques for healing emotional trauma

  • Group Lessons Online

  • Private Sessions

  • Video Courses


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Preparatory course for beginners and for those approaching the concept of healing practices for the first time.

or Psychoanalysis?
A question we might legitimately ask when talking about soul care.

I’m not a psychoanalyst, but I consider psychoanalysis a valid tool for the care and healing of the soul today.

Meditation does not replace psychoanalysis, nor vice versa. They are two different, if not complementary, things, but the latter is more likely to free up the “internal space” needed to better perform the former. As I have had occasion to explain in many courses and also in my short essay on Taoist practice that you can find HERE.

Of course we have to feel the need and be lucky enough to find a good professional who has the right care for us, but that’s a whole different topic. In short, only you can decide whether an analytic path can be part of whatever work you are already doing on yourself.

The practices we focus on here – during classes, courses and private consultations – are based on a precise awareness of what our soul is. A polarization of our Original Spirit formed by our many “self” operating in a multidimensional reality. Aspects intimately linked to the Taoist cosmological vision and which, although they do not conflict with an analytical approach, certainly represent a different kind of work.

The video course Hints of Daoist Cosmology, therefore, could be a useful first step in delving into the subject. The introduction is free and you therefore do not need to subscribe. All videos always have a free introduction and some also have content that can be enjoyed without any commitment.

Cristiano Palazzini
A long teaching experience
I have always practiced Taoist techniques and have taught them for over 25 years, convinced that they are simple to learn, useful and within everyone’s reach.

I was one of the youngest “senior” instructors of Master Mantak Chia’s International Healing Tao with multiple certifications in 1998 and 2002 as a teacher of Internal Alchemy.
I have studied with different teachers both in the West and in the East. In China I studied Nei Dan with my Master in the Jilin province, also experimenting with some healing qigong techniques at Beijing hospital.
Although I don’t have a Buddhist background, I like some techniques that, as we know, have several points in common with Taoist practice.

Over the past fifteen years, through the more recent studies continued in China with my Master and the insights and studies during my personal practice, I have become increasingly devoted to a very traditional approach. My practice and teaching focus mainly on the practice of Inner Vision (neizhao) proper to the older Nei Dan tradition. A practice aiming to the achievement of a calm mind, stripped of all those somewhat “new age” frills typical of the Western approach.

After many years of practice, the teachings I received from the Tao have profoundly clarified for me some key concepts related to our stay and activity on the earth plane. I understood how some specific techniques can help clarify the dialogue we constantly have with our Original Spirit. An essential dialogue to continue on our “here and now” journey and to live better.

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